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O impacto da alienação parental na saúde mental na infância: um relato de caso
Mariana de Medeiros Magalhaesa; Claudia Maciel Szobota; Daiana Velho de Medeiros Magalhãesb
Páginas: 121 - 134


OBJECTIVE: This work aims to understand the consequences of Parental Alienation (PA) in the life of the child or adolescent victim of the interference of this phenomenon and its repercussions on Mental Health. The aim of this study, limited to the scope of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, is to contribute to the discussion of the topic, in order to reflect on its impacts on the mental health of children or adolescents, as well as showing that its consequences can be serious and with repercussions, including in adult life.
METHOD: The Case Study method is chosen, as it is a method of a qualitative nature, which prioritizes the processes of interpretation and understanding, taking into account the context in which it is inserted. This study took place between the month of February 2022 and the month of June 2022, based on the analysis of a single patient admitted to the HCPA Children's Psychiatric Ward, using data from the medical record and psychotherapeutic care provided during his hospitalization.
RESULTS: The object of observation is a case report of a patient admitted to the children's psychiatric ward of the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA) due to severe dietary restriction and active suicidal ideation. G.'s case, specifically, reports the suffering of parents and their child who had their relationship damaged as a result of a poorly managed marital separation that caused the emergence of these psychiatric pathologies.
CONCLUSION: In this study, it was possible to draw conclusions regarding the impacts of parental alienation on the child development of exposed children, the consequences on the relationship between the victims due to the separation experienced through the process of parental alienation, as well as the psychiatric comorbidities that can manifest themselves during be immersed in this litigious context.

Descritores: Family; Parental alienation; Parental alienation syndrome; Psychiatric pathologies